Staff Directory

BHA Department Directors are indicated with a " ° ". Department Heads are available to answer any questions or concerns.
Employees of The Brookline Center for Community Health who serve BHA Residents are indicated with a " * ".

Executive & Administrative Staff - (617) 277-2022

Executive Director

Michael Alperin

Admin. Assistant-Special Projects

Susan Halpert

Assistant E.D./ Director of Mgmt

Matthew Baronas°

Program Assistant - Reception

Sarah Doucette

Executive Operations Manager

Lisa Brown

Development Associate

Connor Clark

Applications and Rental Subsidy Programs-
Public Housing: (617) 277-1885 or Section 8: (617) 277-2022 + ext.

Director of Leased Housing & Applications

Carlos Hernandez°

Ext. 302

Program Rep - Applications

Sugei Ramirez

Ext. 309

Program Manager - Leased Housing

Lea Rios

Ext. 323

Asst. Director - Leased Housing & Applications

Matt Lincoln

Ext. 308

Program Rep - Applications

Ruth Diaz

Ext. 326

THP Coordinator

Mitra Tummino, LCSW*


Sr. Manager-Applications

Flor Nieves

Ext. 310

Program Manager - Leased Housing

Dalizis Joseph

Ext. 319
Finance - (617) 277-2022

Director of Finance

Geraldine Davis-Moye°

Ext. 304

Program Manager

Margarita Montero

Ext. 324

Senior Manager - Finance

Sylvia Pomales-Webb

Ext. 303

Program Representative

Brenda Chaison

Ext. 313
Maintenance - (617) 277-1884 or (617) 277-2022 + ext.

Maintenance Director 

George Lalli°


Compton Bowman

Program Representative

Jose Pomales


Jim Collins


Mike Lymon

Property Management

Kelley Chambliss

Property Manager

Ana De La Puente

Property Manager

Carol Porcari

Property Manager

Kickham/Col Floyd Apartments

Ana Figuera

Recertification Manager

617-277-2022  Ext

Managers' Office Hours

Managers are often away from their offices due to meetings or other activities. If you wish to meet with your manager, please leave a message on his/her voice mail or e-mail and he/she will return your call. That way he/she can arrange a meeting with you, if necessary, at a time that is convenient to both of you. Your manager can also then give you his/her full attention.

Modernization & Development

Director of Redevelopment

Maria Maffei°


Director of Asset Management

Sheila O'Flaherty°


Director of Modernization

Sharon Cowan°

Capital Improvements Manager

Akil Alexander

Resident Services

Director of Resident Services

Danielle Mendola°

617-277-2022 ext. 315

Program Director - Next Steps

Grace Watson

Resident Services Coordinator-Trustman

Julia Blencowe, LCSW*

(617) 277-2022

90 Longwood Ave #1, Brookline, MA 02446, USA