Staff Directory

BHA Department Directors are indicated with a " ° ". Department Heads are available to answer any questions or concerns.
Employees of The Brookline Center for Community Health who serve BHA Residents are indicated with a " * ".

Executive & Administrative Staff - (617) 277-2022

Executive Director

Michael Alperin

Special Projects/HR Coordinator

Susan Halpert

Assistant E.D./ Director of Mgmt

Matthew Baronas°

Program Assistant - Receptionist

William Fegan

Executive Operations Manager

Lisa Brown

Development Associate

Connor Clark

Applications and Rental Subsidy Programs-
Public Housing: (617) 277-2022 or Section 8: (617) 277-2022 + ext. 317

Director of Leased Housing & Applications

Carlos Hernandez°

Ext. 302

Program Rep - Applications

Sugei Ramirez

Ext. 309

Leased Housing Manager

Vanessa Ortiz-Lora

Ext. TBD

Asst. Director - Leased Housing & Applications

Matt Lincoln

Ext. 308

Program Rep - Applications

Ruth Diaz

Ext. 326

Program Manager - Leased Housing

Lea Rios

Ext. 323

Assistant Director of Admissions

Flor Nieves

Ext. 310

Program Manager - Leased Housing

Dalizis Joseph

Ext. 319

THP Coordinator

Mitra Tummino, LCSW*

Finance - (617) 277-2022

Director of Finance

Geraldine Davis-Moye°

Ext. 304

Program Manager

Margarita Montero

Ext. 324

Senior Manager - Finance

Sylvia Pomales-Webb

Ext. 303

Program Representative

Brenda Chaison

Ext. 313
Maintenance - (617) 277-1884 or (617) 277-2022 + ext. 311

Maintenance Director 

George Lalli°


Compton Bowman

Program Representative

Jose Pomales


Jim Collins


Mike Lymon

Property Management

Ana De La Puente°

Director of Property Management

Carol Porcari

Property Manager

Kickham/Col Floyd Apartments

Kelley Chambliss

Property Manager

Managers' Office Hours

Managers are often away from their offices due to meetings or other activities. If you wish to meet with your manager, please leave a message on his/her voice mail or e-mail and he/she will return your call. That way he/she can arrange a meeting with you, if necessary, at a time that is convenient to both of you. Your manager can also then give you his/her full attention.

Modernization & Development

Director of Redevelopment

Maria Maffei°


Director of Asset Management

Sheila O'Flaherty°


Director of Modernization

Sharon Cowan°

Capital Improvements Manager

Akil Alexander

Resident Services

Director of Resident Services

Danielle Mendola°


SSP Coordinator

Jacqueline Lara

Resident Services Coordinator-Trustman

Julia Blencowe, LCSW*