Property Preservation Initiative

In its 2015 Strategic Plan, the BHA committed to rehabilitate its existing properties and preserve them for future generations as its foremost goal.

Though BHA apartments today are safe and well-maintained, Brookline public housing is at serious risk. Traditional state and federal public housing funding has fallen far short of capital needs. Most properties face multi-million dollar capital repair deficits. Plumbing and mechanical systems are well beyond their typical useful life, energy use is inefficient, kitchens and bathrooms are old and tired, and land is not well utilized.

The BHA has demonstrated that it has the capacity to complete a campaign of signification rehabilitations to its properties. The BHA completed the on-time on-budget new construction of 86 Dummer Street in 2016, and it has since increased its staff capacity by hiring a Director of Redevelopment in the winter of 2018.

Funds are available outside of traditional public housing programs to support major redevelopment. The BHA plans to use the federal government's Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program to rehabilitate the federal properties. The BHA will pursue redevelopment of its state properties when programs and funding become available.

In the coming months and years, the BHA looks forward to working with its partners in Brookline and elsewhere to ensure funding, zoning and permitting, and other support needed to maintain Brookline’s legacy of high-quality affordable housing is available.

Throughout this process, the BHA commits to:

  • All of the existing 920+ apartments will remain affordable housing and will serve low income seniors, families, and people with disabilities in perpetuity.

  • Construction will comport with Brookline standards for high quality materials and design.

  • Redeveloped properties will be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

  • The planning process will be inclusive and incorporate the views of Town stakeholders and especially the residents of BHA housing.

  • Through the redevelopment process, the BHA will continue to strengthen its capacity to own and operate affordable housing.

  • The BHA intends to explore the possibility of adding new units to its current inventory of apartments, to serve a wider range and greater number of households and to generate capital for repair of the existing units.

Information regarding the BHA's redevelopment work using the federal RAD program can be found here.