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Renovations To Begin Soon at 61 Park

One of our senior residents has compiled notes and photos from our three BHA resident meetings focused on the renovation of 61 Park.

The First BHA Residents Meeting


By: Yangzhan Guo of 61 Park (85-year- old Chinese woman) learns to write.

1. The BHA invited all residents to discuss future building Improvements on 10/04/2017 at O’Shea House. There are Russian & Chinese (Mandarin) translators.

2. Presentation by Brookline Housing Authority Executive Director Patrick Dober.. He speaks very well.

3. Because of BHA’s concern for residents, several tens of years ago to build several senior Buildings should imProve, making everyone comfortable and having good health and long life.

(1) Apply to the Federal Government for millions dollars.

(2) BHA’ conception has been fixed, would residents advise: How to improve buildings? How update our equipment?

(3) When they were rebuilt, you don’t have to move out, take a rest downstairs when necessary, go back in the evening.

(4) After reconstruction, rent, Utilities, manager Carol are all unchanged.

(5) We will rebuilt after 1.5 years. We will have meeting several times in the future. Join us please!

4. I was glad to listen to the Mr. Patrick Dober.’s report. I made a detailed record. I give some residents the message who were absent from the meeting.

5. Mr.Adam Goldstein came to our building next day to investigate the situation. He asked me some questions. They worked extensively and deeply.

The Second BHA residents meeting

O’Shea House 06/28/2018

By: Yangzhan Guo 61 Park(85-year- old Chinese woman) learns to write.

1. The BHA invited residents of O’shea House second Time to discuss future building improvements 0n 06/28/2018. 2, The Executive director of Brookline Housing Authority Mr. Patrick Dober presides over the meeting.

3. Mr.Patrick spoke first, describe the overall arrangement.

4. The second speaker was an accountant : Ms.Maria maffei, She was talking about money.

5. The third speaker was an architect : Mr. Ahmed Idris, He’s talking about the renovation plan. After he finished speaking he went to the everybody for taking best advice.

6. The Young architect Mr. Josh swasey took two big forms and voted learn about the needs of residents.

7. Because there are no Chinese translation head Phones today, the Chinese residents didn’t quite understand. Didn’t the meeting work out as well as the first time (10/05/2017).

But we thank the BHA for caring to O’shea House.

8. We suggest future after such meetings write a brief report to residents who do not understand. They can read the documents using a dictionary.

The Third BHA Residents meeting

( O’Shea House) 09/11/2018

Apt.By: Yangzhan Guo Try to write (85 years old Chinese woman)

Passed three resident meetings At O’Shea house We know that:

1. For residents to live more comfortable, BHA wants to decorate our elderly apartment more beautifully.

2. 4 architects designed a very good renovations for us. They are: Mr. Abmed Idris ; Mr. Chris Sullivan;Mr.Josh Swasey; Mr. Baker Wohl. Residents thank them and Always remember them! But we saw the pictures Mr. Baker Wohl painted ,did not see him personally?

3. We understand the timing of the renovations and specific methods.

4. We also know that: In case of financial difficulties, BHA thought of many ways for the residents, we thank BHA very much!

5. We must cooperate with BHA’s arrangement of renovations. command the public, listen to the conductor.

通过三次 O’Shea house 居民会议,我们了解到:

1. 房管局为了居民住得更加纾适,他们要把老年公寓装修得更美好。

2. 四个建筑师为我们设计了很好的装修方案:他们

是:Mr. Abmed Idris ; Mr. Chris Sullivan;Mr.Josh Swasey;

Mr. Baker Wohl 居民感谢他们,永远记住他们! 但是我们看到了 Mr. Baker Wohl 画的图,没有见到他本人?

3. 我们知道了装修的时间安排,和具体做法。

4. 我们也知道,在经济困难的情况下,房管局为居民想了许多办法,非常感谢房管局!

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