For BHA Residents

Health Updates: Please see our Health Updates and Community Resources pages for important and relevant information regarding the BHA's response to COVID-19 and additional resources available to all BHA residents.

For life-threatening health and safety emergencies please dial 911 immediately. Emergency response personnel will notify the BHA if appropriate.

Routine Work Order Requests

To submit a work order request for routine maintenance call 617-277-1884, or send an email by clicking here

When you submit a maintenance request, please give your name, street address including any apt. number, return phone number, and a brief description of the problem. Remember to request and write down your work order number for future reference.

Urgent Work Order Requests

For urgent maintenance issues during normal business hours, call 617-277-1884. If you reach the voice mail or there is no answer, call 617-277-2022 and press zero (0) to reach the Main Office Receptionist.

For urgent maintenance issues outside normal business hours (nights, weekends, or holidays), call 617-277-2022. Our answering service will assist you and notify the on-call maintenance staff. Remember to speak clearly and slowly. Give the operator your name, street address including any apt. number, return phone number and a brief description of the problem.

Examples of Urgent Maintenance

Examples of an urgent maintenance issue are lock outs, no heat, no hot water, flooding, burst pipes, or toilet overflow. Remember to speak clearly and slowly. Give the operator your name, address, apt. number, return phone number and a brief description of the problem.

  • Click here for more information about contacting the Maintenance Department. 

Property Management

Property Managers have busy schedules. They may have appointments with other tenants, or be away from their office for various meetings, legal matters, or staff trainings. If you wish to speak with your manager, please leave a message on his/her voicemail or send an e-mail and he/she will get back to you. He/she can arrange a meeting with you, if necessary, at a time that is convenient to both of you. This allows your manager to give each BHA resident his/her full attention.

BHA Tenant Associations

The BHA Town-Wide Tenant Association (TWTA) was established in the 1960's to give residents the opportunity to initiate positive change within their housing community. The TWTA represents all BHA public housing residents and Section 8 voucher holders living in Brookline and communicates with BHA management at the executive level.

The current TWTA President is Jaymmy Colon of Walnut Street Apartments. Ms. Colon can be reached by writing to her c/o Brookline Housing Authority, 90 Longwood Ave Ste 1, Brookline, MA 02446 or by sending an e-mail to her at

The TWTA provides ongoing support of the BHA's efforts to create and maintain the highest quality housing, to strengthen social service programming, and increase self-sufficiency opportunities. The association is a vehicle through which the BHA can efficiently communicate with residents with respect to important initiatives, policies and practices; and allows residents to challenge the BHA with independent ideas and concerns. The BHA strongly encourages residents to become actively involved. 

Depending on interest and resident availability, each BHA public housing site may have its own tenant association with a board elected by and consisting of residents. If there is not enough interest or availability for an official site-based tenant association, the residents can still plan site-wide social functions for the resident community, or to discuss such issues as BHA plans and policies, major repair projects, or other resident concerns. Any BHA resident may contact the TWTA President as listed above.

In 2017, the Egmont Street Veterans Tenants Association was revitalized with new leadership and active resident community members. This chapter has become an active participant in many town-wide community and social service program initiatives along with the BHA, the Town, and other community partners.